Illustrating You

Cartoons and Illustrations by Shannon ParishSome people are gifted with the ability to see what is not there. They SEE and listen in pictures, rich with metaphors, concepts and color – and in three dimensions.

A few of them will express what they see and hear through music and the vibrations of their varied musical instruments.

Others, like myself, will draw and capture visually what we hear and see, and through our drawings, we’ll transform simple, dull concepts and statistics into something that is alive and expressive and which carries with it, a fuller and richer meaning for others to grasp and understand.

For the audience who is watching me draw while they are digesting the spoken word or written word, have a much higher retention because move of their physical senses have been engaged.  Creating a visual experience that compliments and explains the message that is being presented or read, is invaluable to the reader or listener.

As it has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”