Graphic recording increases retention 40% and higher!

Unique Illustrative Graphic Recording for your event, board meeting, coaching session or conference.

Increase attention, participation, and recall dramatically!

Graphic recording is created in real-time, in an illustrative, mind-map-flow of cartoons, keywords, and graphics. You speak, and I draw …

Graphic recording is a specialized art and educational skill-set that assimilates the spoken word and translates it with images, metaphors, keywords, and symbols, live, on paper or whiteboard.

This fascinating and energetic flow of illustration captivates your audience and at the same time, aids in retention and understanding. Bypassing the logical-thinking mind,  graphic recording drawings reflect the energy of the message and are easily understood and recalled.  Retention increases by 40%!

Welcome to my world … May I illustrate yours?

Shannon attended our annual conference and from the opening sentence began to give impression in artistic form of what was being presented in the various sessions. It was absolutely the most incredible experience of my life in church! I highly recommend this gift for your event.” – Dr. Earl Johnson, According to Pattern, and Visions and Dreams Conferences

“I’ve used your visuals at three different events following that meeting – presenting to our board, some other folks at Honda and to our own staff. They are very effective and useful visuals. We may need you again.”
Michael Soguero, Director, Professional Development, Eagle Rock School, Estes Park


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