What You Can Expect and How to Plan

What You Can Expect
How to prepare for your event and what you need to have on hand.

Location: Graphic recording can be done from the back of the room, side of the room or in front of the audience or participants.

Paper: Most graphic recorders will use giant sheets of paper and create wall murals. I prefer to summarize each workshop or hour in one large sticky poster sheet to create a “gallery” of posters that attendees can view and easily take photos of with their smart phones.

Ownership & Useage: All posters are left with you, the client, to create posters for in company use, publication, website inclusion or to frame it for future reference. I will photograph each poster for inclusion in my online art portfolio.

Supplies: For local meetings in the Denver area, I can provide my own easel and marker supply. You will provide poster paper pad, or I can invoice you for it along with your daily fee.

Pricing: For most events, you can expect to pay a minimum of $500. For intensive day long conferences and events, there might be an increase in price, depending on event.

Travel: For out of state events, airfare, hotel and food will be included in fee.