Training Meetings

Training meetings and brainstorming meetings benefit participants and the company by capturing the synergy and energy of the information that is presented as well as the various ideas and brainstorming sessions from participants. 

Retention is much higher as complicated ideas and visionary conversations are recorded through cartoons, metaphors and a variety of illustrations and symbols that instantly trigger conversations and concepts that occurred during the meeting.

Eagle Rock Alternative School

(This was my very first graphic recording job. I had a great deal of fun and everyone enjoyed the whole process. )

EAGLE ROCK  was both a school for high school age students and a professional development center for adults, particularly educators. 

“I’ve used your visuals at three different events following that meeting – presenting to our board, some other folks at Honda and to our own staff. They are very effective and useful visuals. We may need you again.”
Michael Soguero, Director
Professional Development