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Shannon Parish

At an early age, Shannon Parish displayed an insatiable interest in how people think, express themselves, and display certain behaviors evident in their body language and facial expressions. Her uncanny intuitiveness resulted from an intense curiosity and love for finding solutions to various problems.

Drawing upon her artistic talents as a student, Shannon sketched her notes in class and her thoughts at home. In those days, children who drew all the time were seen as “goof-offs” and “not doing their home- work properly.” With the growth of the Internet,

Shannon soon discovered that what she did naturally, taking visual notes, was called Graphic Recording and is coveted by top Fortune 500 companies. While complex conversations are presented, Graphic Recorders illustrate and summarize key points through drawing simple, easy-to-understand graphic images, metaphors, and symbols.

Studies show those who do graphic recording listen and understand on multiple levels. The live drawing of conversations, seminars, workshops, and brainstorming brings greater clarity. Participants who watch graphic recording have a 65% increase in retention and recall.

Utilizing her graphic recording talent, her love for cartooning, and her passion for emotional healing as a Professional Life Coach—which she became after 30 years in ministry and social work—Shannon is a very effective Creative Visual Coach. She uses these talents to clearly represent information, action steps, and vision by combining her experiences, skill sets, humor, and intuitive insights to empower people to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Shannon resides in Colorado, where she enjoys opportunities to share her unique skills to empower individuals and groups to understand their personality types, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses allows them to find their own individual paths in this world without shame, punishment, or fear. When others ask how they too can have a healthy relation- ship with their children and others, she tells them simply, “Notice!” Pay attention. More information than you assume lies within every situation.

Shannon works with authors, businesses, and entrepreneurs to assist them to understand personality differences and workplace strategies. She coaches and graphic records for groups, workshops, seminars and, individuals.

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“A Picture is worth a 1,000 words!”