Author U Extravaganza 2011
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Graphic Recordings created during individual sessions
1st Annual Author U Extravaganza in Denver, CO.  2011
During this year's Author U Extravaganza event, I graphically recorded each session by some of the best experts in the country on social media, publishing, books sales and managing your book business to being on the radio.
The videos below were shot during the conference.

Explaining to Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, the power of Graphic Recording
and how it works to enhance audience retention and recall.

Joan's constant stream of information, tips and tricks was great fun to record.

Alex Carroll's session was amazing! Great stories, insightful and impactful
information and step-by-step "How To's" on how to get on radio. Wow.

Craig Duswalt is brilliant and entertaining as he delivered his famous Rock Star marketing tips and behind-the-scenes events that make marketing work.
(I have to say, though, that at times it was hard to draw a straight line because of laughing ...)
Joan Stewart - Session 1 Craig Duswalt Tom Campbell and Printer Panel Eric Kampdenn
Joan Stewart - Session 2 Chuck Blakeman Alex Carroll Justin Matott