What is a Graphic Scribe?

In a nutshell … You talk, I draw!

What it is and why you need it in your meetings …     

Graphic recording can be applied to a variety of situations including but not limited to one-on-one sessions, board meetings, Graphic Recording.  

As a Creative Life Coach, I graphic record coaching sessions from time to time, in order to help individuals move forward by keeping their thoughts in front of them!    

Groups and Meetings

Having a Graphic Recorder at your board retreat, planning sessions or brainstorming meetings will launch the value of discussions, comprehension and retention to a new level. 

Creative brainstorming with your key associates takes on a new dynamic as participants are able to see visually what it is they are discussing and triggers the dynamic synergy of creative, out of the box thinking and focused recall later on.

A Graphic Recording session taps into the synergy of everyone in the room.  Thoughts, ideas and concepts are drawn on a board at the front of the room to keep the creative thoughts flowing.

As the group discussion progresses, the images created by the group brain wave (brainstorming) are drawn in front of the room where they trigger new thoughts and new ideas. Words, concepts and ideas are woven in – creating a visual image of the discussion at hand.

Graphic Facilitation can be a single image – or many images tracking the path of a conversation.

Brilliant for Board Meetings, Brainstorming Sessions, One-on-One consultations


A One-on-One coaching session usually lasts anywhere from one to three hours.  Identify key thoughts, motivations, passions and obstacles while images, text and re-time verbal and visual interaction brings focus and reveals what is cluttering your brain.

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